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Keep your feet off the ground with a Bale Shear by the Unique Inventions Company


Unique Inventions Company are the leading experts in Farm Product Development.We create a variety of labour saving devices for common farm and garden chores.

These products include a power scraper and galvanised blade as a mechanised replacement for a shovel or spade, a powered brush for sweeping yards, a tyremat product for handling tyres onto a silage pit , a turbo sprong device for pushing silage up to feed barriers and our latest labour saving device the bale shear which makes the feeding of silage more efficient and economical.

If you have any query regarding any products or ideas that you see on this site, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We generally sell direct in order to reduce costs and therefore it is unlikely that you will find our products at your local supplier.




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the Bale Shear

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